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Guide to fee structure of some commonly performed treatments.

(Final treatment costs can vary from patient to patient.)




Cataract Surgery in Adults ( Phacoemulsification and Lens Implantation)

Charges for cataract surgery vary according to the clinical condition of the patient , specific or mandatory requirements of the patient and the type of Intraocular Lens that is suitable for the patient's eye. We use the best Intra-ocular Lenses and devices for each all possible requirements. Spheric , Aspheric , Toric , Extended Depth of Focus lenses , Trifocal and Trifocal Toric Lenses are a part of our armamentarium .

Monofocal lens implantation surgery may vary from Rs.16000 to nearly 35000 depending on the lens chosen .

Toric, Restor Multifocal and Restor Multifocal Toric , Advanced Technology Lens Implantation may range from Rs 45000 to Rs.100000 depending on the lens chosen.

Cataract Surgery in children : Rs 35000-Rs.50000 per eye

Complex Lens Implantation procedures : Rs. 40000 and above per eye.

Piggy Back Lens Implantation in patients with high residual refractive error : 60000 per eye.

Specific expense can be known only after examination of a patient.


Eye Injury management

Charges may vary according to the type of injury and the type of treatment required.


VITREO-RETINAL Treatments for diseases of the Retina


Optical Coherence Tomography : Rs 2000-3000 per test Both Eyes

Non invasive OCT Angio ( Angiovue) : Rs 3000

Green Laser for Diabetic Eye Disease : Rs 4000 Per Eye for whole life

Green Laser Sealing for Peripheral Retinal lesions : Rs 2000 per Eye

Photodynamic Therapy ( PDT) for ARMD : Rs. 115000 per eye

Accentrix Anti VEGF injection : Rs 25000 Per injection per eye.

Ozurdex Injection : Rs 27000 per injection per eye.

Avastin Anti VEGF injection : Rs 8000 per injection per eye

Vitreo-Retinal Surgeries ( There are many types of surgeries ) : Rs 45000 Plus

Silicone Oil Removal : Rs 15000

Vitreo-Retinal Surgeries may  have to be combined with Cataract Surgeries also.


Dry Eye Diagnosis and Treatment  :

Dry Eye Testing ( Lipiview) : Rs 1500 

Dry Eye Treatment ( Lipiflow ) : Rs 25000 for Both Eyes .

Dr Eye Treatment : (Bleph HEE - Heat , Exfoliation and Expression ) Treatment : Rs 12000 Both eyes

Punctum Plugs : Rs 5500 for both eyes.


Treatment for correction of Spectacle/Glasses Number

Excimer Laser PRK /LASEK : Rs 60000 Both Eyes

Blade Free LASIK Customised : Rs 80000 Both Eyes

Phakic Spherical  and Toric ICL / IPCL Implantation for very high glasses numbers where Lasik is not possible : Rs 80000 Rs 90000 per eye

Clear Lens Extraction and IOL implantation in patients with very high numbers but unfit for Lasik,PRK or ICL : Rs 40000 per eye.


Squint Surgery ( Treatment of crossed eyes )

Squint Surgery for crossed eyes : Rs 30000 per surgery . More than one surgery may be required in some patients .


Ptosis Surgery ( Treatment for Droopy eye lids by birth or advancing age) : Rs 35000 Per Eye

 More than one surgery may be required in one eye. In case second surgery is required , will be done in half fee.


Laser DCR(Endoscopic) for treatment of blocked tear drainage channel : Rs 15000 Per eye


Glaucoma Surgery ( Kala Motia ) : Rs 15000 per eye


Keratoconus Testing and Treatment :

Keratoconus Testing : Rs 2500 Both eyes

C3R treatment for Keratoconus : Rs 30000 per eye

Intracorneal Ring Implantation in Keratoconus : Rs 90000 per eye.

Speciality Contact Lenses for Keratoconus :


Treatment of very high spectacle numbers where Lasik cannot be done.

Phakic Toric ICL and Toric IPCL implantation : Rs 80000 to Rs 90000 per eye.


Botox Injections for Hemifacial and Orbicularis Spasm : Rs 20000 per session.


Pentacam Corneal Analysis test : Rs 1500 Both eyes.

OCT ( Optical Coherence Tomography )Test : Rs 2000 Both eyes


IOL Master Testing : Rs 700 Both eyes. 


Charges for General Anaesthesia  : Rs 5000 

Charges for Medicines and tests : 2000-3000 

Boarding and Lodging Extra  

All the above mentioned charges are approximate 

The above charges are subject to change without any prior notice.

We accept all Major Master / Visa Credit and Debit Cards.